In Bhutan, you may always see the pictures of FOUR Harmonious Friend. You may also easily to find the symbol about 「Ashtamangala」(Means Eight auspicious symbols).

1. Dharmachakra: means “Wheel of the Law". It represents Buddha and the Dharma.

2. Conch Shell: it represents the beauty of Dharma. It sounds mysterious, melodious and pervasive. It awakens people’s mind and spreads the spirit of Dharma.

3. Victory Banner: the symbol represents the Buddha’s victory, which overcome the hindrances in the path of enlightenment.

4. Parasol: the protection of beings from harm and illness

5. Lotus: it is rooted in the mud whereas the flowers grow white, which immaculate above the water. It represents the purity of body and mind are free of attachment and desire

6. Vase: it represents health, long live, wealth, prosperity and wisdom.

7. Fish: it presents the auspiciousness of all sentient beings in a state of fearlessness without danger.

8. Endless knot: It is a symbol of the ultimate unity of everything. It represents the intertwining of wisdom and compassion, the mutual dependence of religious doctrine and secular affairs and the union of wisdom and method.





1. 法輪,代表佛陀的手掌,象徵佛陀教化,破除一切煩惱。

2. 寶螺,象徵佛法弘揚四方,普渡眾生。

3. 法幢,幢即是古時征戰時用的旗幟,代表佛法無堅不摧,能勝外道。

4. 傘蓋,原本是印度王室出行之用的儀仗器具,代表權勢、地位,在佛教之中,代表高尚、尊貴。

5. 蓮花,出淤泥而不染,代表眾生的清淨之心。

6. 寶瓶,代表佛陀說法,為眾生平息災障,消除苦難。

7. 雙魚,代表豐足、富裕。佛經記載,佛陀行菩薩道時,曾捨身化為魚王,解救飢渴眾生。

8. 吉祥結,代表佛心廣大,佛智圓滿,凡事皆有因果,無始無終。