When caiwang was leading us to go to the chorten, he explored the ground suddenly with a piece branch.


He was finding earthworms and throw it back to the farm in order to prevent them exposing in the air for long. If they dried out, they may die from suffocation as they breathe through their wet skin.

“All creatures are born equal.” Respecting life is important for Buddhist. Caiwang’s actions speak louder than words. We all had a lesson on life.



登山途中,Caiwang 忽然蹲了下來,拿了根樹枝,在地上挑來挑去。



Caiwang 忙將地面未死的蚯蚓挑到到旁邊的田地之中。似乎便是「掃地恐傷螻蟻命,愛惜飛蛾紗罩燈」的意思。