At the end of 2017, I went to the happiest country in the world – DPRK. Similarly, Bhutan, where is another country titled as “the happiest country” in the world. Every year, there are a lot of tourists visit Bhutan for seeking their ‘genuine’ happiness. What are the differences between these two “happiness”? Are they pursuing the same kind of happiness? In order to reveal the mysteries, I went to Bhutan a year after my DPRK journey.

Before taking you all to explore Bhutan with me, let’s take a deep look at the word “happiness”. “Hap” the prefix and the root of the word “happiness", means occasional or fortune. Something happened occasionally and unplanned during the journey in Bhutan was a kind of “hap" (which I would like to share in the coming episode) for me.

Perhaps, that’s the true happiness for this young traveller.





快樂 – Happiness 一字,中詞根「Hap」,帶有偶然、幸運的意思。這種偶然就是沒寫在行程之中,不在計畫之內,是旅行中的一點小幸運,或許才是真正的快樂。