If you have been to Tibetan Buddhism region, such as Tibet and Nepal, you may familiar with those praying flags. People believe they can receive blessings by hanging praying flags.

Different flags represent different blessings respectively. There are five different colours, which represent five element: Sky(Blue), Cloud(White), Fire(Red), Water(Green) and Earth(yellow). There are Buddhas and towers above and below the flags accordingly. There are four animals in each corner: Dragon (Power), Golden wing Bird(Knowledge), Tiger(faith), Lion(Brave). Last but not least, the White horse with Three Refuges (Buddha, Dharma, Sang-ha) are placed in the middle.

Breezes blew through the praying flags with the rustling noise, sound like a monk saying prayers.




五種顏色分別代表五種元素: 天空(藍)、白雲(白)、火(紅)、水(綠)和土地(黃),經幡上下邊中間是佛祖和佛塔,四角分別是代表力量的龍(右上),智慧的金翅鳥(右下)、信心的老虎(左下)和無畏的獅子(左上),中間白馬則背負佛、法、僧三寶,寓意佛法普及。也有部分經幡只留中間白馬,但整體意義也是一樣。