The Tibetan white stupa was built in remembrance of Jigme Dorji Wangchuck, The Third king of Bhutan, died at 44 from heart disease. He was much admired by being the first king to open up Bhutan to the world. Thimphu citizens usually come to the stupa to commemorate him and to pray for fortune.

Caiwang took us to walk around the stupa in clockwise direction. Citizens believe this could help washing off the sins.


Crowds of elderly were walking around the stupa, while seemingly looking back to each elements of their entire life. I was feeling them as if I could feel their peace in their soul.

Caiwang said, “They should be preparing for the next reincarnation.”

Death is unavoidable for all mankind. Considering the old wisdom of the Buddha, “Since all is void, where can the dust alight?”. We are all the same when we born while we cannot take away anything after death. What are we actually pursuing in such a short life?


不丹第三代國王吉格梅·多吉·旺楚克(Jigme Dorji Wangchuck) 去世時年僅44歲 (1928 – 1972),還正值壯年。他的母親為了紀念他,於是命人修建了這座藏式的白色佛塔。


Caiwang 帶著我們從中間走到塔前,繞著佛塔順時針的慢慢走。我們不少廷布市民也像我們一樣繞住佛塔走。

「這個行為稱為轉塔,我們相信轉塔可以清洗以前犯過的罪孽,得到平安。」Caiwang 說。


這裡不少老年人,手拿著佛珠,或坐在轉塔、或轉塔。大家似乎各有所思,回憶大半生的點滴。他們篤信佛教,相信輪迴,相信前世今生。Caiwang 說他們正為下一次輪迴作準備。